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Sustainable fashion is the future! That's why GMR Wear is taking steps to make sure we're part of the movement.

Did you know that every GMR Wear item is made just for you? We only produce items we get an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction. Our printing partner's state-of-the-art printing tech creates almost no wastewaters and uses less energy. We're partnered with fulfilment centers close to customers to reduce CO2 emissions on international orders.


We believe in hard work paying off. Sometimes though, as an influencer or a content creator, it can be difficult to make ends meet. That is where we come in. Our partnership program provides a revenue supplement to help support our many diverse partners in doing what they love!

Whether you’re a small part-time YouTuber or a full-time streamer, we are willing to accompany you in your growth and development.


Not only as a brand but as humans, we believe that change is good. This is why innovation is so important and represents a key element and way of thinking for GMR Wear.

We aim to keep things fresh, to find new ideas through research and feedback. These new concepts and innovations could range from products to experiences, possibly even to challenges and we would love for you to join us on this ride.


I have been obsessed with gaming since owning my first console, the Game Boy, if that even counts? Squirtle is the best starter Pokemon, change my mind. Many years later I'm still an avid gamer with multiple consoles, although I mostly game on the PC.

As a member of several gaming communities, we knew there was a demand for a mainstream Gamer clothing brand. By combining my previous day job as a graphic designer and my love for gaming I know I can bring the very best to GMR Wear.

When I'm not chasing my kids around the house or encountering bad rng up until 4am you'll find me discovering new ways to improve the GMR Wear brand and ways to offer more to our team, customers and partners.


I’m Ollie, co-founder of GMR Wear, my interests include music, travelling, learning foreign languages and of course, like you guys, gaming! I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember, starting on the nintendo 64 and I’m still going on current gen consoles!

Me and Jack met online, you guessed it, on a video game! We found out that we had a lot in common and eventually decided to work on a project together. That project is today known as GMR Wear.

Using my experience from customer relations and IT support it made sense for me to be the main contact for our partners. From outreach to support, I’m your guy. I look forward to getting to know you all!

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